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Florida hip-hop artist KB came on the scene in 2011 with his mixtape, Who is KB? Now, four years later, he’s back with his follow-up, the EP 100%. With six tracks of hard-hitting truth, KB has stepped into the Dirty South sound that has made Reach Records the powerhouse it is today. The record has a mainstream sound with a flow you can grasp. I appreciate the style; I am more of an underground, backpack hip-hop head. It is a very catchy record, with tracks “Undefeated,” “Crazy,” and the title track, “KB 100.” It’s got good range, too; the more serious tracks “Give it My All” and “Doubts” hit home. The only unfortunate misstep on the EP is that each track has the same formula — start off slow, build. Over the course of the record, the structure became obnocious; I need more variety in a hip-hop record. KB really comes strong on this record. It’s a great step in proving he can hang with the big dogs.