Greetings friend of the Lickters and/or Incarnation,

I am writing to let you know some very exciting news. Our church plant in Auburn, California, Incarnation, will begin having weekly services this Sunday, August 29th, at 4PM. We meet at Historic St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 124 Orange St, an absolutely beautiful facility. We will be kicking it off with an eight part series of messages based on the songs of Johnny Cash called “The Man in Black & the Man Upstairs.” Following the service, we will be having a free dinner and concert, featuring Mike and Mark (from internationally acclaimed rock band The 77s.)

It has been almost ten years since my dramatic return to faith and the incredible journey that has followed. That journey has included marrying my amazing wife Rachel, studying at Westminster Theological Seminary, producing several nationally syndicated radio programs, (including The White Horse Inn and The Bible Study Hour), starting The Mad Donkey coffeehouse, interacting with many artists and musicians, packing up everything and moving to California on faith alone, working as the “Underground Pastor” (serving disenfranchised youth and musicians in Roseville, CA), seeing the miraculous birth of our son Elliott (now 2 years, three months old), and moving up to Auburn to start a church in the beautiful Sierra Foothills.

This exciting journey now culminates with the launch of weekly services for Incarnation.  If you live in or near the area, you are welcome to attend. Wherever you live, you can help us spread the word by sending people to this event link, posted on the the Auburn Journal website: Feel free to sign up and post a comment or two; this will immensely help create a “buzz” about us in the community.

Those of you on Facebook can view a Facebook invitation to the launch here: You can also better follow our exploits (and see pictures) by befriending us on Facebook! And if you want to find out even more about Incarnation (and listen to sermons, join our discussion board, view our art gallery, and tons more…) please visit our website, Www.IncarnationAuburn.Org.

And finally, if any of you feel so moved as to support us, we welcome anything we can get. Please pray for our efforts as we strive to serve the lonely, disenfranchised people in our community. We could not do this without your friendship and support!

Peace be with you all!
Colossians 3:15


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