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Below is a Q&A with Terry Botwick, executive producer of the forthcoming documentary film, “COOL IT.”

What is 1019 Entertainment? Why did you choose “COOL IT” as the first project from 1019 Entertainment?
1019 Holdings, LLC is a Los Angeles-based film production, acquisition, and financing company, established by Ralph Winter and me. Our mission is to produce and acquire elevated filmed entertainment that inspires, illuminates, and challenges audiences through the telling of stories that relate to the human experience.

What do you see as the moral, ethical and/or spiritual implications of “COOL IT”?
We all have a responsibility to be stewards of the planet. But, “Cool It” goes much further in challenging us to spend our resources in a manner that does the most real good in the world. Major problems in the world, like poverty, are a much greater moral imperative than reducing carbon emissions.

Is there a Christian “call to action” in the film? If so, how do you suggest Christians respond?
Certainly, as Christians, there is a call to elevate the human condition. We should be finding ways to provide food for the hungry, clean drinking water, education and relief from disease. We should also be careful to spend our resources well. I think one call to action, in a free country, is to let our voice be heard to demand real solutions. We have an amazing ability to create and improve the quality of life. When discussing an issue like global warming, we should not sacrifice people in need to reduce carbon emissions but rather support research into new energy sources that will be sustainable and clean. We can all apply ourselves to leaving the planet in a better state for each coming generation.

What else do you hope that Christian audiences will take away from the film?
I really hope all people will take away both a profound sense that we are part of the solution to problems and not the problem. Mankind continues to improve the quality of life and that’s good. I also hope people have a paradigm shift in the way they think about solving problems. What is the highest good? How our resources can be applied to achieve the most good for the amount spent.

Why is this film important for today?
It is terribly important that we think clearly and not succumb to fear based upon headlines and special interests. Established, well meaning people, have tried very hard to keep a provocative voice, like Bjorn Lomborg’s, out of the debate. It’s fair for people to reach different conclusions about various things, and it’s fair for people to have different tolerance to risk and act accordingly. It is not fair to skew, withhold or exaggerate information, misleading people in order to advance your agenda, even if you are sincere in your belief.

For more information on “Cool It,” visit www.

About Terry Botwick:
Mr. Botwick is recognized as an entertainment company president with the strategic vision, business execution, and brand-building skills necessary to increase a company’s market share. He has held the position of President of Vanguard Films & Animation. Mr. Botwick also served as President and Chief Operating Officer for Big Idea Productions, where he successfully brought the VeggieTales brand onto the big screen.  He was Senior Vice President of Current Programming and Specials for CBS Entertainment, helping grow CBS into the leader in network television.  Mr. Botwick has served as President of Distribution and National Programming for the entertainment division of the Hearst Corporation. Mr. Botwick has been responsible for the oversight of close to 1,000 hours of television series, special events, movies, direct to video product and theatrical films.


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