Fixed Point Foundation will host Christopher Hitchens and David Berlinski for a debate entitled “How Atheism Poisons Everything” on September 7, 2010.

Christopher Hitchens, an atheist and polemicist, is best known for his controversial book, God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, and, most recently, for his memoir, Hitch 22, which has been on The New York Times Best Seller List since its release last month.  Hitchens has been a columnist for The Atlantic, Slate, and Vanity Fair, and has debated his views around the English-speaking world.  Hitchens is one of the so-called “New Atheists”, along with other notables like Richard Dawkins.

David Berlinski describes himself as “a secular Jew and an agnostic.”  He has written a number of books on mathematics, but he is best known for his appearance in the Ben Stein film “Expelled” as well as for his irreverent assault upon the New Atheists in his book,

The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions. The son of Jewish intellectuals and immigrants who escaped persecution in Nazi Germany, Berlinski maintains special venom for atheistic regimes.  He first gained notoriety when he debated Richard Dawkins at Oxford University in 1991.  He possesses a Ph.D. from Princeton University and formerly taught philosophy and mathematics at Stanford University and the University of Paris.  He is the father of novelist and journalist, Claire Berlinski.

Larry Taunton, Executive Director of Fixed Point Foundation, will interview both participants at a pre-debate luncheon.  The pre-debate reception will be a chance for fans to meet and greet these men “up close and personal” before the two go head-to-head in the evening’s debate.  There will be book signings at the luncheon and the reception as well as after the debate.

WHEN: September 7, 2010; 11:30 AM (Luncheon), 5:30 PM (Reception), 7:00 PM (Debate)
Sheraton Birmingham Hotel
2101 Richard Arrington Junior Boulevard North
Birmingham, AL 35203
Tickets can be purchased from Fixed Point Foundation at, 204-414-6311
-Debate: $25
-Pre-Debate Luncheon (exclusive speaker interviews, Q&A, book signing): $50
-Pre-Debate Reception (intimate time with speakers, hor d’oeuvres, book signing, VIP seating at the debate):  $75
-All Event Package (Includes Luncheon, Reception, and Debate): $125

About Fixed Point –
Fixed Point Foundation is committed to publicly defending Christianity through education, events, and the development of innovative resources that empower Christian and challenge skeptics.  Fixed Point Foundation is located in Birmingham, Alabama and is a registered 501c3 organization.


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