Okay folks, here’s the facts. We are almost there reaching our fundraising goal, but only got nine (9) days left until we need the money in the bank. Otherwise the financial burden will ultimately crush my efforts to keep the site alive.

As of today 110 people from the U.S., Canada, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Spain have donated a total amount of 3400 Euro. The highest single donations were 250 Euro from Norway, 200 USD from Canada and 157 Euro from Germany.

If every visitor of BandsOnFire would donate, then the fundraising goal of 5000 Euro could easily be met, so the question still is: Do you want to keep BandsOnFire alive? If you don’t donate, this website will die, it’s as simple as that. So the future of BandsOnFire.com still lies in your hands.

BandsOnFire.com has always been about and for you, so we can only do this together. Without your support it simply won’t be possible to continue to serve you in the future!

As already written on June 26, I’ve been working on the relaunch of the site with our new webmaster in the meantime, and we’ll keep our promise: “You can be sure that the new site will bring everything to the next level in terms of usability, design, and everything else that we all find important regarding our personal favorite music.”

So technically BandsOnFire.com can and will survive – but only IF we will reach the fundraising goal.


My Epic performing their last final show before COVID-19

Between the White Noise

My Epic's last full-length album came out in 2013; despite a number of EPs along the way, the band's dedication to their craft, lyrical approach, and unyielding approach to let the music come naturally has made them critical darlings. Now, they're learning to interact and feed a rabid fanbase in between albums and in a new normal.


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Tigerwine 2020

A Disparate Vintage

On Tigerwine's latest, 'Nothing is for You,' vocalist and lyricist Trobee departs from the band's last effort as a concept record to write about an array subjects. Notably, Trobee tackles his evolution from rigid belief system to an acceptance and understanding of other ideas: "Through touring and becoming close with those very people I was taught to be afraid of, I realized how untrue it all is."


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Employed to Serve

Forward Under a Dying Sun

Most of these days, the sun rises and sets on a world that feels like it's dying. Across the pond, where Employed to Serve calls home, they're learning how to support their latest record a year into its release. HM contributor Andrew Voigt recently sat down with Justine Jones to learn more about the band, marrying your bandmates, and their outside shot at touring with Rammstein.


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Comrades 2020

Becoming Comrades

The trio of Comrades – husband and wife Joe and Laura McElroy alongside drummer John Gaskil – is used to living in a van and touring the country. Now, their new normal has provided them with a moment to "be adults" for once. We recently sat down with the McElroys to talk more about the spiritual reality within life, how soon they'll be able to release new music, and how koalas are their new normal.


Photo by Quinsey Sablan

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