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Show your support of the first (and in my opinion) legendary Christian folk metal band. I have heard numerous stories, lately of how wearing Christian metal apparel has led to great opportunities to share with people the rockin’ gospel of Jesus. You never know what God can do or how He will use those who go against the flow and are bold enough to show it!

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New Product Section:

Specials Section:

Words For the War (Metal Devotional)

I must write from my heart… so stick with me…

Recently, I have been going through a lot in my life. I must say that I am very thankful to be at this point in my development as a warrior. You see, I am a flawed man. I sin and I have made many, many mistakes (sins) that I totally wish I would have never committed. After years of doing the wrong thing, I am finally striving to do the right thing. My will is growing in strength.

I may be a little obscure with what I am saying to you, but in short, the more I triumph in my life, in every situation that I am faced with, the more I experience victory. The more I experience victory, the more I want more of that freedom and power. If someone would have told me that it could be this good, to overcome habitual sin and the things that had brought me down for so many years, the fears, the temptations, the lies, the secrets, the bull crap, I would have never believed that it really is that GOOD! I love it!

I have been hooked, as of late on the 4 albums that Divinefire put out in the middle to late part of this decade. It is like praise metal with an urgent message for warriors to change and take action now. I highly suggest all of the albums! I used to have them in the shop, but they sold out because they are just that darn good. In the weeks, that I have been healing from my past, changing my future, and redirecting the path of my family, I have heard the awesome lyrics from Divinefire songs like “The Sign” from the first album “Glorify thy Name”. As you can see, the lyrics are simple, sweet, and boldly tell the truth. I cannot begin to express how great it feels to finally be serving the King of Heaven like the warrior-disciple that I should have been years ago. Thankfully, I serve the God of second chances, His grace and mercy shine upon me. He shines his face upon you as well, no matter how thick your darkness is…

Now I see the sign
The sunrise of my life
Darkness fades away
A new day has begun
Looking for the answer to the meaning of my life
It’s hard to see the future when the love is gone
The media is sending out a message to the world
It’s time to analyze it before it breaks me down
I close my eyes
I say my prayer
Dear God save me from this hell

Be set apart and be set ablaze for the King! May you find peace in the midst of storms. May you find unstoppable strength in uncertain times. Call on the bloody name of Jesus Christ! Cast aside the enemy that seeks to keep you trapped in lies, bound in anguish, and from escaping the dungeon where your sinful nature and demons want to keep you. Arise!

–          Dohgrafar (NHMetal)

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Nephesh “Inter Armas Silent Leges” $7.99 USD

Winter’s Dawn “Wandering through the Realm of Frosted Beauty” Limited Edition Digipak $4.99 USD

Fire Throne “Day of Darkness and Blackness” Limited Edition Digipak Re-release: $4.99 USD

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Krig “Narcissistic Mechanism” $10.00 USD


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