On a weekly basis, the Dream Center touches the lives of over 50,000 needy and hopeless residents in the inner cities of Los Angeles and as a result has changed the face of poverty in the areas in which they serve. With a goal to reach thousands more, Matthew Barnett, founder of the Los Angeles Dream Center, has ignited a movement in cities across the country inspiring and encouraging others to serve their communities for an entire day on Saturday, January 22, 2011.

WHO: The Dream Center

WHAT: Nationwide “Day of Service”

WHEN: Saturday, January 22, 2011

TIME: 8 am – 8 pm PST

WHERE: Los Angles Main Location: 2301 Bellevue Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90026 and cities across the country

The Dream Center has over 170 locations nationwide with thousands of people across the country committed to participate in this “Day of Service.” Organizations participating include Dream Center’s  in Chicago, IL, Birmingham, AL, St. Louis, MO, Charleston, SC and Baton Rouge, LA.

For an entire day volunteers will give back to their community offering medical needs, food, clothing, guidance and more to the inner cities that are so hungry for aid.

Matthew Barnett is also the author of “The Cause within You,” releasing nationwide on February 1, 2011. In his book Matthew states that we were all created for a great cause that will greatly impact the world. It is only through helping others will we recognize our great cause and in return it will change our lives and the lives of those around us.

In addition to the thousands of volunteers hitting the streets on January 22nd, a number of online volunteers, inspired by Matthews’s message, will be blogging, tweeting facebooking and more to spread awareness for this movement, encourage others to participate in the “Day of Service” and learn about how they can also discover their life changing cause within.


  • ADOPT A BLOCK: An average of 350 volunteers reach out to the residents and the homeless in the surrounding communities of Echo Park, Compton, Skid Row, and South Central L.A. Thousands of families are visited weekly on a total of over 120 blocks. Teams ask residents, “How can we help you?” Volunteers mow lawns, clean homes, paint over graffiti, complete minor home repairs, organize games with the children and visit with the elderly. They also provide emergency assistance, such as food and clothing; furniture is also available.

  • MOBILE MEDICAL CLINIC: Making healthcare accessible and free of charge to the uninsured. The mobile clinic is equipped to provide diagnostic services, treatment, lab work and pharmacy services. Specific services offered include: alcohol/drug treatment referral; Cancer screening; chronic disease management for Asthma, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Hypertension; counseling; dispensary; HIV testing and follow-up; lab services; primary care; referral for specialty care; and vaccinations. Free chiropractic care is also available in the Wellness Center, located on the first floor of the Dream Center.

  • PROJECT PREVENTION: The Dream Center works with social workers delivers food, baby supplies, toiletries, cleaning supplies, furniture and beds to families that are at risk of losing their children to foster care because of poverty.

  • FOOD TRUCK: Food Trucks go out to serve the community five days a week, going to 31 sites in some of the poorest areas of Los Angeles, 1,500 people in over 400 families each day. Each month the Dream Center is able to feed over 32,000 people in over 9,000 families.
  • FOOD CHAPEL: Over 2,000 hot meals are served at the Dream Center every single day.

  • SKID ROW: Dream Center Volunteers walk the streets of Skid Row and work to provide the needy with physical help, such as food, clothing, jobs, housing and more

  • GED: The Dream Center gives opportunities for students and residents who are in recovery to obtain their GED, reconnect with their talent and abilities, and to begin their transition to community in a manner that restores self-esteem and dignity.
  • TEEN DISCIPLESHIP: Residential program that specializes in dealing with substance abuse, anger, character, and behavioral issues in ages 12 – 17.

  • KIDZ JAM: Program in the community for kids complete with songs, games, and lessons that challenge and encourage these children to lead healthy and positive lifestyles.


Matthew Barnett is cofounder (with his father, Pastor Tommy Barnett) of the Los Angeles Dream Center and senior pastor of the historic Angelus Temple. The Dream Center’s ministries reach more than 50,000 people each week through its multiple church services in addition to its 200 need-centered ministries. Mathew is the author of The Church That Never Sleeps and has been seen across the world through the church’s broadcast on TBN.  He and his wife, Caroline, have two children, Mia Aimee and Caden West. They reside in Los Angeles.



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