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Red             Can IconFor years unsigned bands have been told that it was more important to get their music into people’s ears than to try and get money directly from their recordings. The problem is there is so much free music available now that it is a question of convincing people they should take the time to listen to your unknown band. How do we get people to listen to unsigned music? How about give them something really cool?

So every week (between now and Dec 1st) we will pick an unsigned band to feature as a FREE download with a really awesome prize for those that listen close enough.  A .zip file will be posted at where we urge everyone everywhere to download and enjoy. All you have to do is click and download. It’s truly FREE (no catch)!

Then just post a review in the comments. At the end of the week we will pick the best review. That person then gets a full case of Cocaine Energy Drink. That’s right, a full case! This way you can invite some friends over and brag about how you won the contest (and maybe share if you want to).

Download Mongrel FREE all this week!
We are kicking things off with none other than our good friends Mongrel. It seems like only weeks ago they got a new singer and they already have a new cd. This band means business!

Why Mongrel?
MongrelLeader Adam Savage is relentless with his networking. The man is non-stop and shows that the band is still hungry as hell.  I also find that the band’s mix of old school Metal and Punk to be about as unique as it gets in this day and age. Instead of being about some worn out race for brutality, they are all about the song. Sure it’s heavy, but there’s an actual song there too. It’s also not some over produced pile of crap either. It’s raw and ugly the way music should be. It’s a band that understands the fine balance of good sonic art.

So if you just want to grab some great FREE music, or you want to win a full case of one of the strongest energy drinks available, go to


About Cocaine Energy Drink:

Blue             Can IconWe believe that Cocaine and Rock-n-Roll go hand in hand. We also believe that it is our job to drive business to local retail outlets that carry our products. Cocaine Energy Drink sponsors numerous concert tours, regional festivals, and local bands throughout the world. We bring those tours to local retailers through local ticket giveaways, radio spots featuring retail outlets that carry Cocaine and in-store meet and greet opportunities for fans to meet their favorite band members at a local retailer.

• Cocaine Energy Drink.. first energy drink with a Cinnamon Flavor.

• Three Distinct Flavors

• Original – Cinnamon plus a ginger and wasabi heat sensation.

• CUT – Cinnamon without the heat for a mellower tangy flavor.

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• No high fructose corn syrup

• We use dextrose, the body’s own internal energy source.

• Three and a half times stronger than other energy drinks.

• Packs a 280mg caffeine punch.

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