Nobody gets a second chance in the music industry anymore, right? Enter Burlap To Cashmere. This band has such an amazing story and beautifully classic sound, nothing can hold them back.

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You may remember these New Yorkers from the late ’90s – they toured with huge acts playing a blend of folk, Greek, and flamenco that literally blew audiences away. They even performed for an audience of 3 million that included the Pope. After a 10-year hiatus, they’re back with a brand-new, stripped-down sound that’s true to the artists they were inspired by: Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison. Definitely fitting for fans of Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons, you don’t hear music this gorgeous and pure every day, which is exactly why Jive decided to give them another shot.

Burlap To Cashmere‘s story is truly unique: They split in 2001 after years of nonstop touring, and a horrific accident that nearly claimed the life of guitarist John Philippidis helped bring them back together. They’re expert musicians who aren’t afraid to do some honest soul-searching, and their self titled album is going to really shock you. You have not heard folk-rock like this in decades.

Burlap To Cashmere is:

Steven Delopoulos – singer/guitarist

John Philippidis – guitarist

Theodore Pagano – drummer

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