Sancrosanct Records is proud to present Bought in Blood. Straight out of Pittsburgh, PA this band has it all. With their own mix of hardcore and metal influences ranging from bands like Since The Flood to Dragonforce, Bought In Blood hits their fans with driving riffs, forceful lyrics, and what some fans consider “just the right amount” of punishing breakdowns.

“The reason we’re so excited about this band is that it is something new to the scene.” says Sancrosanct A&R rep Niel Granning. “We just can’t seem to bring our selves to eject the CD, and I think everybody who listens to this band will find that they too, will have the same affliction.”

Bought in Blood has a powerful and controversial message, warning against the use of the word “Christian” to only be used to obtain a status, record label attention, or endorsement. Bought In Blood strives to bring back what’s been forgotten by many. The five piece has been playing since 2007 and Joe, Josh, Louis and Bill are still extremely dedicated to their music. Expect new big things from this band. Check out Bought in Bloods EP “To the Wolves”

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