The Word is powerful and clear, it is the cornerstone of our Faith. The Scripture illuminates our path, guides us closer to Christ, and it’s such a joyful noise when the Word is spoken in song! Now, BEREA, the brainchild ministry of Brad Davis and Scott Mitchell, brings the Scriptures to life in lyrics, music and their new video reaching out to a whole new audience. BEREA is releasing its new music video, After the Fall, (from the LP of the same title) via iTunes today, May 25, 2010 through Planer Mill Records,

Founded in 2000, BEREA (buh-RAY-ah) derives its name from the city of Beroea in ancient Greece where St. Paul the Apostle preached.  Adopting the model set by the noble Bereans, Mitchell (guitar) and Davis (guitar), joined by Sandi Mitchell (vocals), create songs and music that encourages their listeners to actively search through them for the light of the Word.

The music video, �After the Fall�, directed by D�Wayne Bolton, is the LP�s title track.  It carries a vintage 70’s sound, while still displaying the rocker�s mission to reach out to those most in need of hearing the Lord.  Written by Scott Mitchell, this lead single and video speaks to the troubled soul, the one hanging on to their pain or pride, whatever is keeping him from trusting in Christ. About BEREA and their music as a whole, John Mathis Jr. (songwriter, Music Publisher � Avid Group Publishing) sums it up well, �The new release from Berea, After The Fall, speaks to me in so many ways. I personally liked Sharp As A Knife, On My Knees and Tearin’ Down The Church. As both a songwriter and musician I listen to projects for both “licks” and “lyrics”; this one has both and after reading the bios of the group members I understand why. They have impressive accomplishments in their music careers in both who they’ve worked with and their list of accolades … outside the realm of Christian Music. This makes the project and group more impressive in that they’ve “been there and done that”, yet they have stepped out to make strong statements about their faith-views with their creativity! This draws my attention to what they have to say!  I find they’re saying what my heart is telling me; nothing fulfills us like true faith and commitment to purpose. This is the main reason why I like the new release from Berea!�

For the month of June, iTunes will offer �AFTER THE FALL� LP FOR $5.99.

BEREA is Brad Davis, who has been lead guitarist for Marty Stuart, Sam Bush, Billy Bob Thornton, as well as playing on the Grammy Award-winning Warren Zevon record The Wind. Scott Mitchell, also on lead guitar, has added his talent to the sounds of Louise Mandrel and Ty Herndon, and recorded and performed with the late Dee Murray, from Elton John’s band. He also currently resides in Seguin, Texas, where he pastors Grace Family Bible Church and writes and produces Berea music with Brad Davis.  Sandi Mitchell is a formally trained singer from Nashville and graduate of Belmont University. She directs children�s productions at the Time Travelers Theatre and the Seguin Performing Arts Company.


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