Ben + Vesper’s HONORS is out this week on Sounds Familyre and, in support of this new album, the pair are releasing a video for album track, “My Father’s Eyes”. You’ve already seen a hint of how artistically expressive this husband and wife duo are with the HONORS album art, drawn by Ben and painted by Vesper; now with the video for “My Father’s Eyes”, you can check out another area in which Ben’s creativity excels. Directed by Ben and featuring animations created by Justin Canha, a 21 year-old savant who has autism and has been taking art classes out of Ben + Vesper’s kitchen, the video is about coming full circle in your relationship with your parents. (Justin is also featured in Ben’s award-winning documentary, “Sidecars”.)

WATCH BEN + VESPER’S “MY FATHER’S EYES” VIDEO: http://vimeo.com/19081752

See more of Ben Stamper’s work, including the recently released Danielson video here: http://vimeo.com/cinesandwonders.

Ben + Vesper will play select shows next month with the band who plays on HONORS – Ben Stamper (guitar, voice), Vesper Stamper (guitar, accordion, voice), Joshua Stamper (lead guitar), John Mosloskie (bass), Steve Oyola (drums) and Nick Shopa (keys, synths).


Fri. 2/11 Asheville, NC @ The Grey Eagle w/ Songs of Water

Sat. 2/12 Charlotte, NC @ The Visulite Theatre w/ Songs of Water, Benjamin Circle

Sun. 2/13 Greensboro, NC @ House Show (614 South Elm Street) *

Mon. 2/28 Brooklyn, NY @ Zebulon w/ Aaron Roche

* This show is also a book release for the children’s book, “Satchel Willoughby and the Realm of Lost Things”, written by Stephen Roach (of Songs of Water) with illustrations by Vesper. See more of Vesper’s illustrations here: http://www.vespersongs.com/home/

Honors is an album that doesn’t have to try hard. It gets by on its ample charm and songs that are hardly obvious, yet creep up slowly on the listener. This is very good stuff.” – Michael Edwards, Exclaim!


“The lyrics are rich with observations, metaphors and introspection, often in slivered and resonant phrases. The whole may make itself apparent later, but at first blush it’s like the facets of a diamond, each one sparkling and reflecting. …The album’s closing title track is a tour de force of anthemic bearing wedded to campfire sing-along.” – David Greenberger, Metroland


HONORS is a major set of big-time bedroom pop, grand enough to matter and particular enough to find meaning in the quotidian.” — Marty Sartini Garner, FILTER


“On Honors, the anticipated sophomore full-length by New Jersey-based husband-and-wife duo, Ben + Vesper redefines the pair’s affection for hard-hitting, adventurous musical arrangements. The result vibrantly captivates listeners with layered waltzes spiked in shining storytelling.”- Amy Strauss, VenusZine


“On ‘HONORS’ and ‘Adult VaCa,’ they sing intervals that aren’t ordinarily heard in pop music, and they do it so sweetly and with so much charm and confidence that they full justify comparisons to Eric Matthews and Magnetic Fields.” – Tris McCall, Newark Star Ledger

Listen to Ben + Vesper’s “My Father’s Eyes”

Listen to Ben + Vesper’s “Knee Hi-Wall” here

Download hi res jpegs of Ben + Vesper

Ben + Vesper Online:







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