Interview with Brian Colantonio AUBURN’s lead singer about their upcoming release, “Parallels” by BDR!

How has this band and your sound changed since releasing “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth in early 2009?

It’s surreal looking back on everything now. So much has happened since that release in our personal lives and in our sound. I can’t speak for the others on a personal level but one thing I can say that has stayed consistent is our friendships with each other and for that I’m grateful.

As far as sound goes, it has matured greatly and carries just a small taste of what you hear on “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth”.

Tell us about the upcoming full length “Parallels”. How did you guys come up with the title and what is the meaning?

When we began brainstorming ideas for the record I wanted a way to explain the changes we’ve gone through in every aspect of our lives. When I look back at the person I was when writing “BIBLE” I looked at life much differently then.

In a way I want this record to represent the person I am now compared to the person I was. Along with the sound we had back then and the sound we have now. Most of the lyrics are written in the same aspect. To show the identity of, similarity of; compare. Parallels.

How do you stand out among the other hardcore bands in the legendary Boston hardcore scene?

It is hard to stand out in Boston but hopefully we’re doing alright!

Our energetic live performance is a great quality to have along with the passion each one of us share to reach our goals in this band.

As a band you have had your share of “ups” and “downs”, can you share a few of both with us?

Ups include the great times we have together! We could be two weeks into a tour flat broke and not knowing how we’re going to get to the next city but we as a group balance each other out. When some of us are down the rest of us bring each other up.

We’ve had the privilege to share the stage with some of the bands that influenced me as a musician.

We’ve made great friends in our label, other bands, fans and friends that support our cause. I wouldn’t trade any of that for the world.

Downs would be embarking on a national tour with a headliner that dropped off 4 dates into the month.

A reputable manager that took us on with promises left unfulfilled and us being left in a financial hole.

And semi-toll taking health problems with some of our members.

On this release your singing often touches on struggling with faith and belief in God and these doubting lyrics are always counteracted by Vinnie (Guitar/Back up Vocals) singing back to reassure you that God is “carrying” you through these tough times.

This is a cool concept, can you expand on it?

Sure, I considered myself a christian for twelve years. Devoted my energy to being Christ-like and spreading the message that went a long with it. Recently, events in my life sent me through a great depression accompanied with anxiety. I had lost touch with who I was and this record takes the listener through my time in that depression and how my friends helped me out of it.

What are the plans for Auburn in 2011?

We want to tour non-stop in support of Parallels!!

Funniest or most memorable tour moment?

There’s way too many of those…

The funniest might have been making an emergency stop on the side of a Kentucky highway while Vinnie was in the process of crapping his pants! You’ll have to ask him to tell you the story next time you see him!

The most memorable is being far from home and having a fan come up to us and tell us how much we mean to them or how much we’ve touched their lives. It was only a few years ago when I joined Auburn and I never imagined what that could feel like. It’s a very emotional experience for me. A lot of times that the only thing that keeps me going.

Thanks Brian, Can’t wait to hear Parallels!

We can’t wait for everyone to hear it, thanks!


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