GrooveZoo – connecting songwriters, musicians, and producers to increase creativity – has come out of stealth mode to announce its public beta launch. The new website ( enables music lovers of all skills levels to connect, share and create.

GrooveZoo is driven by its File Management Tool that allows members to upload, download, and manage all their audio files directly form their local Digital Audio Workstation. Members can then quickly assign these files to mixes within a GrooveZoo session where they are free to discover and connect with like-minded musicians, songwriters and producers. Moreover, a contract is immediately put into place each time members join forces on a session, thereby ensuring that contributors are always compensated for their efforts.

Connecting with members on GrooveZoo is easy and highly targeted. Members upload their demos and then rate each others work. The AutoMatch feature then connects users based upon this community feedback for parameters such as skill level, style, specific type of instrument played, and more.

The press release is set to hit the wire tomorrow morning, December 22nd, at 8AM ET but there is no embargo on the news – please feel free to run with it. We are happy to send you screen shots, images, and of course would enjoy chatting with you to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for your time and have a great holiday.

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GrooveZoo Announces Public Beta Launch to Connect Songwriters, Musicians, and Producers

New Service Enables Musicians To Utilize Online Cutting-Edge Tools To Connect, Learn, And Cross-Pollinate

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – December 22, 2010 – GrooveZoo announced today the public beta launch of its music service ( The site connects songwriters, musicians and producers, which allows them to share and cross-pollinate their projects, recording sessions and ideas.

The core of the system is built around GrooveZoo’s custom File Management Tool (FMT) where users upload, download and manage the audio files from their local Digital Audio Workstations. The FMT tool allows users to assign files to mixes within the sessions and to quickly audition the overall mix. Each session lists the session members and has its own message board where users share ideas and get to know each other.

GrooveZoo members are encouraged to upload demos of their work so that it can be categorized and rated by the community in exchange for Karma Points. GrooveZoo’s AutoMatch feature uses the parameters of these ratings, such as style, skill level and others to quickly connect musicians of similar abilities and style. Members can also tap into the community ratings through a manual search, which enables them to find people that play a specific type of instrument, style or that sound like their favorite musician.

“With the launch of GrooveZoo, musicians finally have a truly great online tool they can use to connect and create with one another,” said Jeremy Korn, Founder and CEO of GrooveZoo. “GrooveZoo is the first company ever to unite songwriters, musicians and producers in this way. We do more than just bring musicians together through their common interests. GrooveZoo takes this to a whole new level by cataloging everything from a member’s playing style and skill level to the exact gear they use. The results will allow musicians to join forces and leverage each other’s strengths, in turn raising the quality of their compositions and production. With the adoption of our toolset, the music industry will change forever.”

GrooveZoo sessions include integrated contracts, such that each party agrees to a royalty split, or can work together on a for-hire basis. This protects both parties and lets them move forward, confident that the business details are completely in place. Furthermore, these contracts are written in laymen’s terms – instead of legalese – and can be completed and digitally signed in seconds.

GrooveZoo Features:

* File Management Tool – Allows users to upload, download, manage files and quickly audition mixes in their sessions.

* AutoMatch – Automatically match members based upon community categorization and ratings of each other’s work.

* People Search – Users can find members based on musical style, instruments, location, and more.

* Quick Audition – Quickly audition other user’s demos by using the AutoMatch and People Search results. If you like what you hear, just add them to MyContacts or invite them to a session with one click of the button.

* Session Contracts – Contracts are always put into place when a user invites or accepts a member into a session. Each party can agree to a royalty split or move forward on a work-for-hire basis.

* Modular Platform – The front-end of the website is built on an AJAX Window Servicing Manager. This enables users to add, remove and reposition the page elements to create a custom workflow. In addition, GrooveZoo can quickly create and add new elements to accommodate future requests.

To celebrate the public beta launch, the company is hosting the GrooveZoo “Go Wild” Band Competition. The contest winner ( will open for a major headlining act – live on HDNet – on a main stage during ROCK THE BLOCK, NYE VEGAS. This memorable event is a powerful way to announce the arrival of the full suite of features offered by GrooveZoo.

Pricing and Availability

GrooveZoo is launching its public beta on December 22nd, 2010. Basic use of the site is completely free, while enhanced features are available at monthly subscriptions of $5.00 for songwriters, $10.00 for musicians and $30.00 for producers. During the public beta, all users have unlimited access to use the Work for Hire and Royalty Split contracts. Additionally, the first 200 users that create sessions with more than 3 users and 10 files will receive the Producer level subscription of 2 years for free ($720 value). The enhanced features in the Musician and Producer subscriptions includes additional storage space, royalty split opportunities, and more. Please visit for additional details.

About GrooveZoo, Corp.

GrooveZoo enables songwriters, musicians, and producers to come together to share and cross-pollinate their ideas and projects. The company is on a mission to increase the ease of creativity for musicians by helping them connect and leverage each other’s strengths. GrooveZoo is privately held and headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA. For more information, please visit


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