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Oceans Ate Alaska's 'Lost' Cause

Spastic and dynamic, it’s as frenetic as it is planned. It’s the new sound of live music, and it might also be the best record you’ll hear all year. Oceans Ate Alaska comes Stateside to highlight our annual Live Music Issue.

Miss May I

Currently on the Frozen Flame Tour, vocalist Levi Benton checks in with HM from the road to talk about their sellout shows, the current live outlook and a little Riff Raff.

Wovenwar's Anchor

Jordan Mancino keeps the groove every night in his new band, Wovenwar. Find out the most embarassing and most special moments he's had in his career from the best seat in the house: the throne.

Becoming Vekora

If their were ever a renaissance drummer, it would be Jesse Sprinkle. Beyond music, his skills in percussion serve as a tool for community. He recently spoke with HM about those ideas and his numerous projects with an endless chain of outcomes.

The Exorcism of Papa Roach

Vocalist Jacoby Shaddix shares an intimate portrait of his life as an addict and how he fearlessly rebounded to write one of the most genuine albums of his life. And he did it all sober.

Scared Vindless

Genre films and Cormac McCarthy novels from the new prince of Horrorcore, Nim Vind

Tear Out the Heart's Triumph Over Death

Tear Out the Heart's Tyler Konersman writes the record of his suffering before it befalls him. Read his stunning interview with Managing Editor Collin Simula about the lead singer's walk alongside a deathly sentence


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