The Many Sides of the Ocean

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Why so serious?

Just kidding! iwrestledabearonce is doing just fine, and their new album, 'Hail Mary,' proves it

Life in a 'Coma'

On a sprawling and engaging new concept album, Between the Buried and Me wants to put you to sleep. HM talks with vocalist Tommy Rogers about the writing process behind ‘Coma Ecliptic’ and why he took his characters on a search through past lives, all while asleep

The Evolving Education of Mewithoutyou

Aaron Weiss helped forge a genre, a man once so sure of his future and his path. Now, on the eve of his band’s most recent release, Pale Horses, he admits a lot of that confidence is changing

American Made

The Ongoing Concept takes DIY to a new level with their latest, Handmade

Out of the Swamp

After nearly breaking up, Abandon Kansas hoists up the bootstraps and pulls out from the swamp of disconnection and into the living rooms of supporters

Lost and Now Found

The guys from August Burns Red just don’t fit the metal band stereotype, their originality and commitment has led to a passionate fanbase. When the news broke the band would join Fearless Records, many fans were worried of a change. Fans should rejoice: the iconic metalcore band’s sixth studio album is not soft nor a sell out

Loving People Well

Haste the Day, in all earnest, played their final show on March 11, 2011. But after announcing a return to new music, fans had a particular question looming: What would they do with their two vocalists? Turns out, sharing duties was the best possible answer. HM had Ronnie Winter, vocalist for The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Collin Simula, drummer for the now defunct symphony in Peril, interview Stephen and Jimmy, respectively, to reminiscence on the time that was and the time that never planned to be. As Coward gets put into the public’s hands ushering in a new future for one of Faith-based metal’s cornerstones, the people will say Haste the day has still got it


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