As previously announced, the husband and wife duo of Ben + Vesper will be releasing their sophomore full-length, HONORS, January 25, 2011 on Sounds Familyre. In the lead up to the release, the band is giving listeners a taste of what’s to come by sharing album track, “My Father’s Eyes”. On this new single, Ben + Vesper stand shoulder-to-shoulder belting out the disquiet and solace of an omnipresent fatherly interest, while the deft rhythm section creates a bounce prevalent throughout the new album.

As Jessica Suarez of Stereogum describes “My Father’s Eyes”, “the rich harmonies and pounding piano remind me of another husband and wife team, Mates Of State. But Ben + Vesper have always been a little weirder and less knowable to me, because of their slightly off-kilter arrangements (like the surprise bridge in this song), instrument choices, or their lyrics. While other songs’ lyrics read like conversations between neighbors or co-workers, here what they’re singing about is spiritual, larger.” See for yourself by listening with the link below.

Listen to/download/share Ben + Vesper’s “My Father’s Eyes”:

“’My Father’s Eyes’ is definitely drawn from childhood memories of my dad, and yes, his deep-set blue eyes.  He used to give me this look when I did something imbecilic – the look that at once informed me of the stupidity of my actions while reaffirming his undying commitment for me.  I wouldn’t call it tough love, because he wasn’t play-acting or putting it on for a result, he was just being himself.  My father has always been a severely compassionate and understanding man.  Ultimately this song is an aspiration to be as good a father to my kids as Bart Stamper was (and is) to me, and then opening up the figure to more spiritual applications of the comfort and terror of the idea of an all-knowing, all loving Creator.

Like all the tracks on HONORS, ‘My Father’s Eyes’ was built around a live performance in Daniel Smith’s New Jerusalem Rec Room, where everyone was playing in the same room at the same time, with the tape machine whirling and then filling in the rest with Brian and Amy’s Studio at Miner Street in Philly.  It was the only approach we were interested in for these songs, and now we are spoiled forever.” – Ben Stamper

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