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Welcome to the HM Street Team! We appreciate your enthusiasm for helping to promote the magazine. As a new recruit, you are designated as a Trainee and you can now start earning points to work your way up the ranks and get the opportunity for exciting new assignments and prizes. You’re probably asking yourself: how do I get started?

Complete an Application
Complete trainee orders
Email your orders to – Send a screen print or report of what you did

Once we receive your application, we will process it and send you an email welcoming you to the street team. In the letter we will detail how the street team works, what to expect and of course the rewards you will receive.

Trainee Orders

1. Add an HM Banner to your Myspace page
2. Add a link to to your social networking sites
3. Add the HM web address to your forum signatures
4. Follow @Dooglar and @HMstreetteam
5. Friend HM on MySpace –
6. Like HM on Facebook –
7. Tweet about the new street team

*If any of these orders do not apply to you, such as you do not have twitter, myspace of facebook please skip the order.


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