How can I get help with my subscription?

Simply send us an email, including a short message that describes the nature of your problem.
If you prefer, you may call us at 512.989.7309
We are usually here Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm CST*

Why aren’t you answering the phone?*

Well, right now HM Magazine is being run and managed by one person (Doug Van Pelt, that’s me) and I am sometimes running errands, etc. Please do leave a message if you miss me when you call. Thanks.

How do I sign up for your e-mailing lists?

Type in your email address here and click the “submit” button.

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Can I Intern At HM?

Yes. Click on the link below, which is a text file that explains several details of internships at HM Magazine, as well as an application you can fill out and send in. There are even links to previous interns, so you can grill them on what the HM intern experience is like. Download file

How do I advertise in HM?

Tons of info is available on our Advertising Page.
Send an email to Doug Van Pelt.
(Advertising at hmmag.com)
Or call Doug at 512.989.7309
Download the media kit:
2012 ad rates/media kit

Marketing Schmarketing

Where can I buy the new/current issue?

HM Magazine went “out-of-print” in October of 2011. Since we are now online/digital only, you can get your eyes on a copy instantly by subscribing or buying access to a single digital issue. If you’d like to look at an issue before paying anything, we’ve made our December 2011 issue free. (click on the link to the left)

How do I change my subscription address?

Since we are out-of-print and online/digital only, we no longer mail copies, so a physical address isn’t necessary. However, we are keeping our mailing list up-to-date and current (should we find a way to start printing again – like an annual special issue or going full-on back into production), so if you move, simply send us an email, including your full name, complete new address and, if possible, your old zipcode (in case we have trouble locating your record using your name).

Writing Submissions Policy

How do I go about getting a chance to write for HM Magazine? How does one submit something one has written?
We love checking out new talent and having our collective “voice” represented by so many. We are not currently “looking” to add more people to our freelance writers’ pool, but we refuse to keep our eyes closed either.

I like for people to know upfront what the status is. Knowing that we’re not actively pursuing new writers might take some of the tension in waiting to hear back from us. Keeping an open mind and eye helps us, too, because it allows us to discover the next Hunter S. Thompson, Lester Bangs, or Melba Jackson (!). If you would, can you send us one writing sample? If you like to do album reviews and feature articles, please make that two writing samples (one album review and one feature-style article). Simply email it to me at this address — editor (at) hmmag.com.

Should we offer you an assignment, here are some general details in regards to freelance writing for HM:

  • Our deadlines are usually 2 weeks after assignment date.
  • Our word counts are serious!
  • We pay way too little. This is an unfortunate reflection of where we are as a company. However, this is one of our top priorities about righting, so those that are loyal to us should be rewarded with fair wages soon…
  • We expect the writing done for us to become our property. We rarely make an exception, but if you have a request, we will look at each situation on a case-by-case basis.
  • Let us help you. If you can use help in setting up the interview, follow-ing up with publicists that don’t call you back… whatever, please avail yourself to our assistance.
  • HM writing rules (just a few): ONE SPACE between sentences. Not two. All punctuation goes, “between quotemarks.” Not after”. Album titles, movie titles are italicized. If you have access to those cool double wide dashes — as opposed to two small ones side-by-side, then use them.
  • NEVER never never let the band, publicist, manager, label person, or anyone affiliated with the subject of your article see the thing before it is printed. Trust us — this rule is in place for a reason.
  • If you happen to have a discussion with the label/artist publicist about photos for the article, please have them sent to us.
  • If you are doing an interview with an artist for a feature-style article, please consider saving your raw Q&A quotes for us to use as an “online exclusive” companion to the printed article. This sometimes allows you the writer to part with that great quote or two due to space limitations. We can reference the reader to the online article’s location with a small footnote at the end of the printed article. Talk to us about that if there is any option or question to do so.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.

Photograph Submission Policy

Most of our photo needs are met by the labels, who supply publicity shots. From time to time, though, we do like to use something “different.”
Those times are rare, but send us an email with your contact info and I’ll keep your contact info on hand and would like to contact you about the possibilities when opportunity arises.

How do I get my band reviewed?

Send us your CD! We listen to everything that comes in here, and consider all independent releases for editorial coverage. We decide which ones we think are the best and those are the ones we write about in our “Pick of the Litter” section. There are no politics, payola, etc, involved, so send your music (please include contact info, like phone #, website, and email address) to:
HM Magazine
PO Box 4626
Lago Vista TX 78645

Q: Will you call me to tell me if my band will get written about or not?
A: I wish we had time for that. We’ll likely contact you if we have a question; and we’ll tell you if/when we choose your band as a “Pick of the Litter,” but we don’t have time to contact everyone and personally evaluate your music.

Q: Are you a part of the SonicBids system?
A: Yes, as a matter of fact, we now are.

How do I donate to HM Magazine?

Go to my blog for a further detailed explanation of our “Save HM Magazine campaign,” but in short we are asking for help in getting over a large debt to continue on with this bi-monthly Christian hard music magazine. If you want to jump straight to the donation action, below is a button to do so.

As a way of saying thanks, we’re collecting songs from many of our friends to give to you as a download. To see the complete list, go to this donation/info page.